Mateřská škola Domeček

Czech-English Preschol

Private preschool Prague 5

Private preschool Domeček is full of satisfied children from the age of 2 to 7 years.

The children are empowered, which means they develop two of the most important skills required for life: independence and responsibility.

  • We have a safe environment.
  • Our Preschool is based in a spacious villa with a park nearby (Prokopské údolí).
  • One of our experienced teachers takes care of around 4 to 8 children, which guarantees an extremely individual approach to every child.
  • We teach children to respect each other, help each other and to work together.
  • Children learn English in a very natural way.
  • The school fees include all afternoon activities like horse riding, ceramics, music, yoga etc.
  • We look forward to your visit, make an appointment.

MS Domeček
MS Domeček
MS Domeček
MS Domeček

Mateřská škola Domeček

Děti na startu
Zdravá pětka
Good Year
Česko čte
Nechci kazy
Lesy ČR

School Framework Programme

Domeček Czech-English Preschool is listed in the Preschool Education Registry issued by the Ministry of Education. Our School Framework Programme called “Us and the World around Us” was prepared in line with The Framework Education Programme for Preschool Education. On top of the standard programme we offer also English as a Foreign Language. At our preschool we simulate the environment of a bilingual family where each parent speaks his/her own language to the child. Various songs and games as well as everyday communication with the native speaker helps to teach kids English in the same way that they acquired their mother tongue.

Advantages of our preschool

One of the greatest advantages of our preschool is the low number of children per teacher. Kids can thus get the highest attention to their needs.

Our team has the required experience and qualification. Each of our teachers brings something extra to the children at school in the form of afternoon clubs. Another of our top priorities is the healthy diet. Together with the standard daily programme we prepare many social, sport and cultural events with our partners.

Why choose us

Domeček Czech-English Preschool is full of happy children. We create a supportive and safe place for their further development. Here we teach children how to be responsible and self-confident, how to respect others, cooperate and offer a helping hand.

Nadstandardní individuální péče
záliby, hry, kroužky


  • English Language Teaching
  • English native speakers
  • Afternoon Clubs
  • Healthy Diet

I need more information

Are you looking for more information? Would you like to see the environment your child will grow up in?
Please arrange a meeting with us.


That’s it, but

  • How to prepare my child for such a big change?
  • What do we need to prepare in advance?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.



Steve and Maggie

Steve and Maggie

It has been three years since Steve and Maggie joined us at Domecek. All the kids fell in love with them immediately. Thanks to them we enjoy English lessons full of fun every day.

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