Mateřská škola Domeček
MS Domeček

Frequently Asked Questions

At Domeček we simulate a bilingual family; one parent speaks only Czech and the other one only English. So children learn easily and in a very natural way for both languages.

We offer two basic programmes – a full day (5 days a week) and half day (5 days a week). Then we have a 3 day programme as well. See complete price list.

Each day has a structure and each week we have a different project. During the day there is a lot of fun, project work, outside activities, relaxing etc. Read more.

Healthy food is very important when it comes to child’s development. At our preschool we offer healthy food in line with the principles of modern healthy lifestyle. Our menu includes food that kids might not know yet but are eager to try, such as bulgur, vegetable spreads or mungo sprouts. Have a look at our sample menu at Healthy Food.

Safety and the well-being of our children are our highest priorities. Thus one experienced teacher takes care of about 4 – 8 children.

Our preschool has a large garden but we also like to go for long walks to Prokopské údolí or to nearby playgrounds. We even don’t mind the rain. In our raincoats and rainboots we love jumping in the puddles.

No, we are open all year round. We only close for Czech bank holidays and Christmas. During summer we also welcome kids from other preschools – have a look at Summer Camp.

Yes, because our preschool is listed in the Preschool Education Registry issued by the Ministry of Education, we can accept also older preschoolers for their compulsory year.

All kids at Domeček are being continuously prepared for standard primary schools (state or private). However as the level of English is so high, many parents consider also other alternatives such as international or bilingual schools.