Mateřská škola Domeček
MS Domeček

About Us

Domeček Czech-English Preschool was established in 2010. We started this family run business in order to provide our very own kids with the best possible care. On our way to find the right approach how to raise children we found the greatest inspiration in the book „Respektovat a být respektován“ written by P. Kopřiva and T. Kopřivová. We also appreciated the tips and hints mentioned in the book „Jak žít a nezbláznit se“ by L. Pekařová.

The preschool is situated in a large family house with several gardens just by the entrance to Prokop Valley. The interior is equipped according to national safety rules and health regulations. In our opinion it is not a huge variety of toys that matters. Rather, we choose the most suitable tools and toys to support kids’ own creativity and imagination. We are open to various methodologies in which we seek for our inspiration (such as Montessori).

One of our top priorities is spending time outside. Playing in the garden or going for walks in the forest is happening in all weather conditions. Our team of professional teachers prepares a valuable programme for all kids’ ages; ranging from 2 to 7 years. Simply said „We care about your child“.

Our vision

Domeček is a preschool where you feel like at home. One of our priorities is to provide a safe environment for your child. We respect each other. Thanks to our individual approach we are able to identify hidden potential in each child. We see the importance of language learning in today’s global world.

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Daily Programme

Everyday is different at our preschool, but the daily activities have their firm place in our routines.

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Afternoon Clubs

We provide many extracurricular activities, mainly in the afternoon.

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Healthy Diet

At Domeček we provide healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

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Summer Camp

Field Trips, Arts and Crafts, Music and Sports.

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