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Afternoon Clubs

Every day we have an afternoon club in our preschool:

Yoga for children

Yoga positions are ideal for children to develop their motor skills, balance and the right body holding.

Children love yoga, it makes them feel happy and calm. Each position has its own picture and song, which helps children to remember the position easily.

Reading is Fun 

Reading books is an important part of our daily programme. This afternoon club shows us how to enjoy the book and reading itself. 

Board Games 

In line with NTC Learning and in cooperation with Mensa ČR we included board games into our standard routines. 


The aim of this club is to discover our world, laws of physics and nature. Children learn with help of chemical experiments.

Dancing and Sport Games 

Children love singing songs, playing musical instruments and dancing. They learn both Czech and English songs. We also try different dance styles (ballet, samba, hip hop, break dance) and play various sport games. 


Developing the fine motor skills is very important at the preschool age and ceramics is the ideal way. At Domeček we have ceramics every Friday. The children create different shapes, bowls, vases, candlesticks etc.


We can feel the rhythm! We use many different types of drums and boomwhakers.

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Daily Programme

Everyday is different at our preschool, but the daily activities have their firm place in our routines.

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Afternoon Clubs

We provide many extracurricular activities, mainly in the afternoon.

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Healthy Diet

At Domeček we provide healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

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Summer Camp

Field Trips, Arts and Crafts, Music and Sports.

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