Soukromá školka Praha 5
Soukromá školka Praha 5


How does the Czech – English education work?
At Domeček we simulate a bilingual family; one parent speaks only Czech and the other one only English. So children learn easily and in a very natural way for both languages.

School Fees We offer two basic programmes – a full day (5 days a week) and half day (5 days a week). Then we have a 3 day programme as well. See complete price list.

What do the children do at the preschool?
Each day has a structure and each week we have a different project. During the day there is a lot of fun, project work, outside activities, relaxing etc. Read more.

Food and menu
We have our meals delivered by a certified supplier. We offer three options, one of which is vegetarian.

What are the children to teacher ratios?Safety and the well-being of our children are our highest priorities. Thus one experienced teacher takes care of about 4 – 8 children.